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Persistence, partnership and passion help women Go Red

Episode Summary

In our first nonprofit interview, the American Heart Association’s Kathy Rogers discusses discusses how persistence and partnership can can ignite passion within a science and research-based awareness campaign.

Episode Notes

The American Heart Association (AHA) launched its Go Red for Women campaign 15 years ago when Kathy Rogers, AHA’s EVP for the Western States Affiliates, was charged with creating a consumer- and patient-facing campaign that would change the way we think about heart health. Did she ever!

Since Go Red for Women launched, it has helped more than 2 million women learn their personal risk of developing heart disease by taking the Go Red Heart CheckUp; generated 5 billion media impressions; helped the American Heart Association raise nearly $660 million in 2017; been featured as a Harvard Business School case study; and saved more than 627,000 lives.

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Don’t miss this rare peek behind-the-scenes into the creation of a movement, as Kathy Rogers shares how she worked from the grassroots to the grass-tops to turn a fashion icon into an icon of women’s heart health.

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