Purpose 360

Multi-Generational Leadership for Good with Laura Kohler

Episode Summary

In Purpose 360’s second episode, hosts Carol Cone and Chris Noble talk with Laura Kohler, Vice President of Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability at Kohler. The fourth-generation Kohler family member illuminates Kohler’s social purpose journey, exploring how the privately-held corporation leverages employee engagement, cross-sector collaboration and storytelling to foster “Innovation For Good.”

Episode Notes

True to our name, at Purpose 360 we believe purpose must be embedded throughout an organization to maximize impact. Kohler takes this ethos a step further – integrating the company and its purpose with the world.

Laura Kohler, Vice President of Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability at Kohler – a fourth-generation family executive – joins us for the second episode of Purpose 360 to explore the firm’s evolution as a privately-held company that believes better business and a better world go hand-in-hand. Kohler is an ever-present brand, with products in homes and businesses around the world. Yet, how many of us stop during our morning routine to think about the brand’s reason for being? The reality is, the organization behind our sinks, faucets and bathtubs is changing lives around the world.

The authentic use of collaboration, employee engagement and storytelling to drive business and social impact outcomes has been critical to Kohler’s growth over the past 144 years. Kohler takes a long-term view of purpose with Innovation For Good – the company’s award-winning innovation incubator – being their most recent initiative. Innovation For Good has fostered engagement between engineers and designers, created external partnerships with organizations such as the Gates Foundation, and empowered employees to volunteer worldwide.

The Kohler model is one to emulate. Here’s why: