Purpose 360

Inspiration Through Disruption: #OptOutside with REI’s Alex Thompson

Episode Summary

In Purpose 360’s debut episode, hosts Carol Cone and Chris Noble talk to REI's Alex Thompson about REI’s #OptOutside, a campaign which has inspired more than 15 million people to go outside on Black Friday.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Purpose 360.

We’re thrilled to make our debut, and even more so because our first guest is celebrating the fourth anniversary of one of the most disruptive and successful social purpose campaigns: REI’s #OptOutside.

But first, you might want to know a little about us. Purpose 360, hosted by Carol Cone and Chris Noble, unlocks the power of social purpose to ignite business and social impact. Why listen to us? Carol created the field of social purpose in the 1980s, linking Rockport with the walking movement – creating a billion-dollar retail category while inspiring people to walk for fitness and health. Chris is a digital and cause marketing savant, having created leading campaigns for brands and NGOs, raising $150 million for causes. Every week, we’ll speak with the leading minds and practitioners of social purpose from Fortune 500 companies, social enterprises, and world-changing non-profits to answer the question: What’s your purpose?

Back to REI: one of our favorite purpose-driven brands. We were honored to speak with Alex on the eve of #OptOutside’s fourth year, and encourage you to spend some time in nature while listening to this episode. Here are our favorite insights from Alex:

To hear more from Alex Thompson, including how the brand inspired more than 15 million people to go outside on the country’s biggest shopping day, we invite you to listen to our debut episode today.

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