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Finding an organic purpose with Gary Hirshberg

Episode Summary

Stonyfield Organic started with seven cows. Today, it’s one of the nation’s leading yogurt brands. Co-founder Gary Hirshberg shares how a steadfast commitment to values and social activism helped the brand—and its cows and farmers—thrive.

Episode Notes

Gary Hirshberg, co-founder and Chief Organic Optimist at Stonyfield Organic, started his business with seven cows and funding from a group of Catholic nuns.
Today, Stonyfield is one of the nation’s leading yogurt brands, with a commitment to healthier people, healthier business, and healthier planet. If you haven’t caught on from Gary’s title, organic is central to Stonyfield’s history, purpose, and market leadership. It’s not a buzzword—Stonyfield product is currently produced by thousands of organic cows, 200,000+ acres of organic fields, and hundreds of family farmers.
Gary joined Purpose 360 to share his company’s history of social activism and how Stonyfield stuck to its values, mission, and culture (get it?!) through two sales and a rapidly-shifting consumer marketplace. Our favorite insights include:

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